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Configurable NOR gate arrays from Belousov-Zhabotinsky micro-droplets

Item Type:Article
Title:Configurable NOR gate arrays from Belousov-Zhabotinsky micro-droplets
Creators Name:Wang, A.L. and Gold, J.M. and Tompkins, N. and Heymann, M. and Harrington, K.I. and Fraden, S.
Abstract:We investigate the Belousov–Zhabotinsky (BZ) reaction in an attempt to establish a basis for computation using chemical oscillators coupled via inhibition. The system consists of BZ droplets suspended in oil. Interdrop coupling is governed by the non-polar communicator of inhibition, Br(2). We consider a linear arrangement of three droplets to be a NOR gate, where the center droplet is the output and the other two are inputs. Oxidation spikes in the inputs, which we define to be TRUE, cause a delay in the next spike of the output, which we read to be FALSE. Conversely, when the inputs do not spike (FALSE) there is no delay in the output (TRUE), thus producing the behavior of a NOR gate. We are able to reliably produce NOR gates with this behavior in microfluidic experiment.
Keywords:Chaotic System, European Physical Journal Special Topic, Malonic Acid, Input Delay, HOBr
Source:European Physical Journal Special Topics
Page Range:211-227
Date:February 2016
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1140/epjst/e2016-02622-y
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