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Visualization of endothelial cell cycle dynamics in mouse using the Flt-1/eGFP-anillin system

Item Type:Article
Title:Visualization of endothelial cell cycle dynamics in mouse using the Flt-1/eGFP-anillin system
Creators Name:Herz, K. and Becker, A. and Shi, C. and Ema, M. and Takahashi, S. and Potente, M. and Hesse, M. and Fleischmann, B.K. and Wenzel, D.
Abstract:Endothelial cell proliferation is a key process during vascular growth but its kinetics could only be assessed in vitro or ex vivo so far. To enable the monitoring and quantification of cell cycle kinetics in vivo, we have generated transgenic mice expressing an eGFP-anillin construct under control of the endothelial-specific Flt-1 promoter. This construct labels the nuclei of endothelial cells in late G1, S and G2 phase and changes its localization during the different stages of M phase, thereby enabling the monitoring of EC proliferation and cytokinesis. In Flt-1/eGFP-anillin mice, we found eGFP(+) signals specifically in Ki67(+)/PECAM(+) endothelial cells during vascular development. Quantification using this cell cycle reporter in embryos revealed a decline in endothelial cell proliferation between E9.5 to E12.5. By time-lapse microscopy, we determined the length of different cell cycle phases in embryonic endothelial cells in vivo and found a M phase duration of about 80 min with 2/3 covering karyokinesis and 1/3 cytokinesis. Thus, we have generated a versatile transgenic system for the accurate assessment of endothelial cell cycle dynamics in vitro and in vivo.
Keywords:Endothelial Cell, Proliferation, Angiogenesis, Anillin, Cell Cycle, Animals, Mice
Page Range:349-361
Date:May 2018
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1007/s10456-018-9601-1
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