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A federated in-memory database system for life sciences

Item Type:Conference or Workshop Item
Title:A federated in-memory database system for life sciences
Creators Name:Schapranow, M.P. and Perscheid, C. and Wachsmann, A. and Siegert, M. and Bock, C. and Horschig, F. and Liedke, F. and Brauer, J. and Plattner, H.
Abstract:Cloud computing has become a synonym for elastic provision of shared computing resources operated by a professional service provider. However, data needs to be transferred from local systems to shared resources for processing, which might results in significant process delays and the need to comply with special data privacy acts. Based on the concrete requirements of life sciences research, we share our experience in integrating existing decentralized computing resources to form a federated in-memory database system. Our approach combines advantages of cloud computing, such as efficient use of hardware resources and provisioning of managed software, whilst sensitive data are stored and processed on local hardware only.
Keywords:Federated In-Memory Database, Cloud Computing, Distributed Data Processing
Source:Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing
Title of Book:Real-Time Business Intelligence and Analytics
Page Range:19-34
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-24124-7_2

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