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SCelVis: Powerful explorative single cell data analysis on the desktop and in the cloud

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Item Type:Preprint
Title:SCelVis: Powerful explorative single cell data analysis on the desktop and in the cloud
Creators Name:Obermayer, B. and Holtgrewe, M. and Nieminen, M. and Messerschmidt, C. and Beule, D.
Abstract:Background: Single cell omics technologies present unique opportunities for biomedical and life sciences from lab to clinic, but the high dimensional nature of such data poses challenges for computational analysis and interpretation. Furthermore, FAIR data management as well as data privacy and security become crucial when working with clinical data, especially in cross-institutional and translational settings. Existing solutions are either bound to the desktop of one researcher or come with dependencies on vendor-specific technology for cloud storage or user authentication. Results: To facilitate analysis and interpretation of single-cell data by users without bioinformatics expertise, we present SCelVis, a flexible, interactive and user-friendly app for web-based visualization of pre-processed single-cell data. Users can survey multiple interactive visualizations of their single cell expression data and cell annotation, and download raw or processed data for further offline analysis. SCelVis can be run both on the desktop and cloud systems, accepts input from local and various remote sources using standard and open protocols, and allows for hosting data in the cloud and locally. Methods: SCelVis is implemented in Python using Dash by Plotly. It is available as a standalone application as a Python package, via Conda/Bioconda and as a Docker image. All components are available as open source under the permissive MIT license and are based on open standards and interfaces, enabling further development and integration with third party pipelines and analysis components. The GitHub repository is https://github.com/bihealth/scelvis.
Publisher:Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
Article Number:713008
Date:24 July 2019
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1101/713008

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