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The 4D nucleome project

Item Type:Article
Title:The 4D nucleome project
Creators Name:Dekker, J. and Belmont, A.S. and Guttman, M. and Leshyk, V.O. and Lis, J.T. and Lomvardas, S. and Mirny, L.A. and O'Shea, C.C. and Park, P.J. and Ren, B. and Politz, J.C.R. and Shendure, J. and Zhong, S.
Abstract:The 4D Nucleome Network aims to develop and apply approaches to map the structure and dynamics of the human and mouse genomes in space and time with the goal of gaining deeper mechanistic insights into how the nucleus is organized and functions. The project will develop and benchmark experimental and computational approaches for measuring genome conformation and nuclear organization, and investigate how these contribute to gene regulation and other genome functions. Validated experimental technologies will be combined with biophysical approaches to generate quantitative models of spatial genome organization in different biological states, both in cell populations and in single cells.
Keywords:Cell Line, Cell Nucleus, Chromatin, Chromosomes, Genome, Genomics, Goals, Information Dissemination, Biological, Models, Molecular, Models, Molecular Imaging, Reproducibility of Results, Single-Cell Analysis, Spatio-Temporal Analysis, mice, Animals
Publisher:Nature Publishing Group
Page Range:219-226
Date:14 September 2017
Additional Information:Erratum in: Nature 552(7684):278. Ana Pombo and some members (Christoph Thieme, Gesa Loof, Giulia Cagli, Markus Schueler, Rieke Kempfer, Robert Beagrie, Warren Winick-Ng) of this lab take part in 4D Nucleome Network. They are involved in the Nuclear Organization and Function Interdisciplinary Consortium (NOFIC). Maike Sander is involved in the Nuclear Organization and Function Interdisciplinary Consortium (NOFIC)
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1038/nature23884
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