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Genomes and phenomes of a population of outbred rats and its progenitors

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Item Type:Article
Title:Genomes and phenomes of a population of outbred rats and its progenitors
Creators Name:Baud, A. and Guryev, V. and Hummel, O. and Johannesson, M. and Flint, J.
Abstract:Finding genetic variants that contribute to phenotypic variation is one of the main challenges of modern genetics. We used an outbred population of rats (Heterogeneous Stock, HS) in a combined sequence-based and genetic mapping analysis to identify sequence variants and genes contributing to complex traits of biomedical relevance. Here we describe the sequences of the eight inbred progenitors of the HS and the variants that segregate between them. We report the genotyping of 1,407 HS rats, and the collection from 2,006 rats of 195 phenotypic measures that are relevant to models of anxiety, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and osteoporosis. We make available haplotype dosages for the 1,407 genotyped rats, since genetic mapping in the HS is best carried out by reconstructing each HS chromosome as a mosaic of the progenitor genomes. Finally, we have deposited an R object that makes it easy to incorporate our sequence data into any genetic study of HS rats. Our genetic data are available for both Rnor3.4 and Rnor5.0 rat assemblies.
Keywords:Animals, Rats
Source:Scientific Data
Page Range:140011
Date:10 June 2014
Additional Information:Erratum in: Sci Data 1:140016. O. Hummel, S. Falak, K. Saar, G. Patone, A. Bauerfeind, M.T. Bihoreau, M. Heinig, Y.A. Lee, C. Rintisch, H. Schulz and N. Hübner are members of The Rat Genome Sequencing and Mapping Consortium.
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1038/sdata.2014.11
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