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Pericytes: gatekeepers in tumour cell metastasis?

Item Type:Review
Title:Pericytes: gatekeepers in tumour cell metastasis?
Creators Name:Gerhardt, H. and Semb, H.
Abstract:Tumour cells use two major routes to spread during metastasis, e.g. lymph vessels and blood vessels within or surrounding the primary tumour. The growth rate of the primary tumour often correlates with the quantity of new blood vessels that form within the tumour. However, qualitative abnormalities of the tumour vasculature profoundly affect the perfusion of the primary tumour and the escape of tumour cells into the circulation. In this paper, we review recent evidence for a novel role of the supporting mural cells in limiting blood-borne metastasis.
Keywords:Pericyte, Endothelium, Metastasis, NCAM, PDGFB, Animals
Source:Journal of Molecular Medicine
Publisher:Springer (Germany)
Page Range:135-144
Date:February 2008
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1007/s00109-007-0258-2
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