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Development of mouse model systems of germinal center lymphomas

Item Type:Article
Title:Development of mouse model systems of germinal center lymphomas
Creators Name:Kabrani, E. and Sander, S.
Abstract:Germinal centers (GC) are the predominant origin of human B cell lymphomagenesis. Transgenic mice in which gene expression is altered specifically in GC B cells have broadened our knowledge about the mechanisms of malignant transformation. However, extensive resources are needed due to the genetic complexity of these mouse models. Thus, bone marrow (BM)-derived chimerism is an attractive approach to study GC B cell derived lymphomagenesis, as it allows for an efficient allocation of resources and reduces the number of animals used.
Keywords:Lymphomagenesis, Mouse Model, BM Chimerism, SHM Assay, Animals, Mice
Source:Methods in Molecular Biology
Series Name:Methods in Molecular Biology
Title of Book:Germinal Centers : Methods and Protocols
Publisher:Springer / Humana Press
Page Range:233-242
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4939-7095-7_18
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