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ANGIOGENES: knowledge database for protein-coding and noncoding RNA genes in endothelial cells

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Item Type:Article
Title:ANGIOGENES: knowledge database for protein-coding and noncoding RNA genes in endothelial cells
Creators Name:Mueller, R. and Weirick, T. and John, D. and Militello, G. and Chen, W. and Dimmeler, S. and Uchida, S.
Abstract:Increasing evidence indicates the presence of long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) is specific to various cell types. Although lncRNAs are speculated to be more numerous than protein-coding genes, the annotations of lncRNAs remain primitive due to the lack of well-structured schemes for their identification and description. Here, we introduce a new knowledge database "ANGIOGENES" (http://angiogenes.uni-frankfurt.de) to allow for in silico screening of protein-coding genes and lncRNAs expressed in various types of endothelial cells, which are present in all tissues. Using the latest annotations of protein-coding genes and lncRNAs, publicly-available RNA-seq data was analyzed to identify transcripts that are expressed in endothelial cells of human, mouse and zebrafish. The analyzed data were incorporated into ANGIOGENES to provide a one-stop-shop for transcriptomics data to facilitate further biological validation. ANGIOGENES is an intuitive and easy-to-use database to allow in silico screening of expressed, enriched and/or specific endothelial transcripts under various conditions. We anticipate that ANGIOGENES serves as a starting point for functional studies to elucidate the roles of protein-coding genes and lncRNAs in angiogenesis.
Keywords:Databases, Genetic, Endothelial Cells Endothelial Cells, Internet, Neovascularization, Physiologic, RNA, Long Noncoding, RNA, Messenger, Sequence Analysis, RNA, Transcriptome, Animals, Mice, zebrafish
Source:Scientific Reports
Publisher:Nature Publishing Group
Page Range:32475
Date:1 September 2016
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1038/srep32475
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