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Joint analysis of multiple phenotypes: summary of results and discussions from the Genetic Analysis Workshop 19

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Item Type:Article
Title:Joint analysis of multiple phenotypes: summary of results and discussions from the Genetic Analysis Workshop 19
Creators Name:Schillert, A. and Konigorski, S.
Abstract:For Genetic Analysis Workshop 19, 2 extensive data sets were provided, including whole genome and whole exome sequence data, gene expression data, and longitudinal blood pressure outcomes, together with nongenetic covariates. These data sets gave researchers the chance to investigate different aspects of more complex relationships within the data, and the contributions in our working group focused on statistical methods for the joint analysis of multiple phenotypes, which is part of the research field of data integration. The analysis of data from different sources poses challenges to researchers but provides the opportunity to model the real-life situation more realistically.Our 4 contributions all used the provided real data to identify genetic predictors for blood pressure. In the contributions, novel multivariate rare variant tests, copula models, structural equation models and a sparse matrix representation variable selection approach were applied. Each of these statistical models can be used to investigate specific hypothesized relationships, which are described together with their biological assumptions.The results showed that all methods are ready for application on a genome-wide scale and can be used or extended to include multiple omics data sets. The results provide potentially interesting genetic targets for future investigation and replication. Furthermore, all contributions demonstrated that the analysis of complex data sets could benefit from modeling correlated phenotypes jointly as well as by adding further bioinformatics information.
Keywords:Blood Pressure, Computational Biology, Genetic Databases, Genetic Variation, Genome-Wide Association Study, Phenotype, Statistical Models
Source:BMC Genetics
Publisher:BioMed Central
Number:Suppl 2
Page Range:7
Date:3 February 2016
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1186/s12863-015-0317-6
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