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Advanced topics in bioinformatics and computational biology

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Title:Advanced topics in bioinformatics and computational biology
Creators Name:Hao, B. and Zhang, C. and Li, Y. and Li, H. and Wei, L. and Kanehisa, M. and Lai, L. and Chen, R. and Rajewsky, N. and Zhang, M.Q. and Han, J. and Jiang, R. and Zhang, X. and Li, Y.
Abstract:Phylogeny defined as the context of evolutionary biology is the connections between all groups of organisms as understood by ancestor/descendant relationships. Since many groups of organisms are now extinct, we can't have as clear a picture of how modern life is interrelated without their fossils. Phylogenetics, the science of phylogeny, is a useful tool severed as one part of the larger field of systematic including taxonomy which is a practice and science of naming and classifying the diversity of organisms.
Source:Basics of Bioinformatics: Lecture Notes of the Graduate Summer School on Bioinformatics of China
Title of Book:Basics of Bioinformatics
Page Range:369-395
Date:1 July 2013
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-642-38951-1_12

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