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Short-term cardiovascular physical programme ameliorates arterial stiffness and decreases oxidative stress in women with metabolic syndrome

Item Type:Article
Title:Short-term cardiovascular physical programme ameliorates arterial stiffness and decreases oxidative stress in women with metabolic syndrome
Creators Name:Eleuterio-Silva, M.A. and Sa da Fonseca, L.J. and Velloso, E.P.P. and da Silva Guedes, G. and Sampaio, W.O. and da Silva, W.F. and Mota-Gomes, M.A. and da Silva Lima, L.V. and Santos, R.A.S. and Rabelo, L.A.
Abstract:OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the impact of a short-term cardiovascular physical programme on the metabolic, anthropometric and oxidative stress parameters of women with metabolic syndrome. METHODS: Thirty sedentary female patients, age range 30-60 years, were invited to participate in a 6-week cardiovascular physical programme. The training consisted of 60-min sessions of aerobic and strength exercises performed 3 times a week; a total of 18 sessions. Anthropometric data, functional exercise capacity, general biochemical profile, serum lipid peroxidation, superoxide dismutase and catalase activity in erythrocytes were evaluated according to standardized protocols. Peripheral vascular function was assessed using applanation tonometry. All assessments were performed before and after the training programme. RESULTS: The physical programme proved effective in improving the distance covered in the 6-min walk test and in reducing arterial pressure levels, pulse pressure and the Augmentation Index, without modifying heart rate. The plasma thiobarbituric acid reactive substances levels, indicators of oxidative stress, were significantly decreased after the programme. Superoxide dismutase activity was increased in erythrocyte lysates, with no significant change in catalase activity. Waist circumference was significantly decreased compared with baseline. The distance covered in the 6-min walk test was significantly greater after the short-term cardiovascular training. CONCLUSION: These findings indicate that short-term combined aerobic and strength training may represent an important non-pharmacological approach for treating individuals with metabolic syndrome.
Keywords:Cardiometabolic Diseases, Physical Training, Vascular Function, Oxidative Stress, Functional Exercise Capacity
Source:Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine
Publisher:Foundation for Rehabilitation Information
Page Range:572-579
Date:June 2013
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.2340/16501977-1148
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