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Eukaryotic gene regulation in three dimensions and its impact on genome evolution

Item Type:Review
Title:Eukaryotic gene regulation in three dimensions and its impact on genome evolution
Creators Name:Babu, M.M. and Janga, S.C. and de Santiago, I. and Pombo, A.
Abstract:Recent advances in molecular techniques and high-resolution imaging are beginning to provide exciting insights into the higher order chromatin organization within the cell nucleus and its influence on eukaryotic gene regulation. This improved understanding of gene regulation also raises fundamental questions about how spatial features might have constrained the organization of genes on eukaryotic chromosomes and how mutations that affect these processes might contribute to disease conditions. In this review, we discuss recent studies that highlight the role of spatial components in gene regulation and their impact on genome evolution. We then address implications for human diseases and outline new directions for future research.
Keywords:Computational Biology, Eukaryotic Cells, Gene Expression Regulation, Gene Regulatory Networks, Genetic Models, Genome, Inborn Genetic Diseases, Molecular Evolution, Animals
Source:Current Opinion in Genetics & Development
Publisher:Current Biology
Page Range:571-582
Date:December 2008
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.gde.2008.10.002
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