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Combination therapy in dementia [Antidementive kombinationstherapie]

Item Type:Article
Title:Combination therapy in dementia [Antidementive kombinationstherapie]
Creators Name:Peters, O. and Froelich, L. and Heuser, I.
Abstract:Several approved drugs for the mono therapy of Alzheimers disease (AD) are available. Their therapeutic benefit is primarily a symptomatic improvement of the disease symptoms. Current clinical studies are testing the efficacy of new drugs with the aim to modify disease progression. While causal treatment is still not available, it has been assumed that a combination of antidementia drugs with distinct molecular targets may enhance the efficacy or even have a synergistic effect. Presently, there are only 6 large (> 100 patients) clinical studies published which have investigated effects of a combination regimen on cognitive performance or AD. Only four of the treatment studies followed a randomized controlled design. Four out of six controlled studies showed a superior efficacy of a combination therapy over mono therapy. Although only few studies testing this hypothesis have been conducted so far, first promising results give hope that improved cognitive function and delayed disease progression can be expected from combination therapy in dementia.
Keywords:Alzheimer, Antidementia Drugs, Clinical Trials, Neurodegeneration
Page Range:476-482
Official Publication:http://www.schattauer.de/index.php?id=187&L=0&schattauer_issue[issueId]=630&schattauer_issue[manuscriptId]=2146

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