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Amyloid beta peptides in plasma in early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease: a multicenter study with multiplexing

Item Type:Article
Title:Amyloid beta peptides in plasma in early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease: a multicenter study with multiplexing
Creators Name:Lewczuk, P. and Kornhuber, J. and Vanmechelen, E. and Peters, O. and Heuser, I. and Maier, W. and Jessen, F. and Buerger, K. and Hampel, H. and Froelich, L. and Henn, F. and Falkai, P. and Ruether, E. and Jahn, H. and Luckhaus, C. and Perneczky, R. and Schmidtke, K. and Schroeder, J. and Kessler, H. and Pantel, J. and Gertz, H.J. and Vanderstichele, H. and de Meyer, G. and Shapiro, F. and Wolf, S. and Bibl, M. and Wiltfang, J.
Abstract:We measured concentrations of A{beta} peptides 1-42 and 1-40, and their ratio in plasma of patients carefully categorized clinically and neurochemically as having AD or other dementias with a newly commercially available multiplexing assay, characterized by reasonable laboratory performance (intra-assay imprecision in the range of 1.3-3.8% for A{beta}1-42, and 1.8-4.1% for A{beta}1-40, inter-assay imprecision for A{beta}1-42, A{beta}1-40, and A{beta}1-42/A{beta}1-40 concentration ratio in the range of 2.3-11.5%, 2.2-10.4% and 4.2-9.7%, respectively). Patients with AD or mild cognitive impairment of AD type (MCI-AD) whose clinical diagnosis was supported with CSF biomarkers (n=193) had significantly lower A{beta}1-42 plasma concentrations (p<0.007), and A{beta}1-42/1-40 ratios (p<0.003) compared to patients with other dementias and MCI of other types (n=64). No significant differences between persons with MCI of AD type and patients with early AD were observed, or between MCI of other types versus patients with early dementia of other types. Our findings reconfirm the hypothesis that alterations of biomarker concentrations occur early in a preclinical AD stage and that these alterations are also reflected in plasma.
Keywords:Amyloid {beta}, Alzheimer's Disease, Multiplexing, Dementia, Biomarker
Source:Experimental Neurology
Page Range:366-370
Date:June 2010
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.expneurol.2009.07.024
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