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Evidence that kinin B(2) receptor expression is upregulated by endothelial overexpression of B(1) receptors

Item Type:Article
Title:Evidence that kinin B(2) receptor expression is upregulated by endothelial overexpression of B(1) receptors
Creators Name:Rodrigues, E.S. and Silva, R.F. and Martin, R.P. and Macedo Oliveira, S. and Nakaie, C.R. and Sabatini, R.A. and Merino, V.F. and Pesquero, J.B. and Bader, M. and Shimuta, S.I.
Abstract:Bradykinin (BK) and des-Arg(9)-bradykinin (DBK) of kallikrein-kinin system exert its effects mediated by the B(2) (B(2)R) and B(1) (B(1)R) receptors, respectively. It was already shown that the deletion of kinin B(1)R or of B(2)R induces upregulation of the remaining receptor subtype [10,12,16,28,36]. However studies on overexpression of B(1)R or B(2)R in transgenic animals have supported the importance of the overexpressed receptor but the expression of the another receptor subtype has not been determined [17,19,33]. Previous study described a marked vasodilatation and increased susceptibility to endotoxic shock which was associated with increased mortality in response to DBK in thoracic aorta from transgenic rat overexpressing the kinin B(1)R (TGR(Tie(2)B(1))) exclusively in the endothelium. In another study, mice overexpressing B(1)R in multiple tissues were shown to present high susceptibility to inflammation and to lipopolysaccharide-induced endotoxic shock. Therefore the role of B(2)R was investigated in the thoracic aorta isolated from TGR(Tie(2)B(1)) rats overexpressing the B(1)R exclusively in the vascular endothelium. Our findings provided evidence for highly increased expression level of the B(2)R in the transgenic rats. It was reported that under endotoxic shock, these rats exhibited exaggerated hypotension, bradycardia and mortality. It can be suggested that the high mortality during the pathogenesis of endotoxic shock provoked in the transgenic TGR(Tie(2)B(1)) rats could be due to the enhanced expression of B(2)R associated with the overexpression of the B(1)R.
Keywords:AngiotensinII, Bradykinin, des-Arg(9)-Bradykinin, Kinin Receptors, ACE, Animals, Rats
Volume: 42
Page Range:1-7
Date:April 2013
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.peptides.2013.01.002
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