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Dynamics of the DNA damage response: insights from live-cell imaging

Item Type:Article
Title:Dynamics of the DNA damage response: insights from live-cell imaging
Creators Name:Karanam, K and Loewer, A. and Lahav, G.
Abstract:All organisms have to safeguard the integrity of their genome to prevent malfunctioning and oncogenic transformation. Sophisticated DNA damage response mechanisms have evolved to detect and repair genomic lesions. With the emergence of live-cell microscopy of individual cells, we now begin to appreciate the complex spatiotemporal kinetics of the DNA damage response and can address the causes and consequences of the heterogeneity in the responses of genetically identical cells. Here, we highlight key discoveries where live-cell imaging has provided unprecedented insights into how cells respond to DNA double-strand breaks and discuss the main challenges and promises in using this technique.
Keywords:Live-Cell Imaging, Single Cell, DNA Damage, Fluorescence Microscopy, Dynamics, Animals
Source:Briefings in Functional Genomics
Publisher:Oxford University Press
Page Range:109-117
Date:March 2013
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1093/bfgp/els059
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