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A fraction of MCM 2 proteins remain associated with replication foci during a major part of S phase

Item Type:Article
Title:A fraction of MCM 2 proteins remain associated with replication foci during a major part of S phase
Creators Name:Masata, M. and Juda, P. and Raska, O. and Cardoso, M.C. and Raska, I.
Abstract:The essential role of MCM 2-7 proteins in the initiation of DNA replication in all eukaryotes is well known. Their role in replication elongation is supported by numerous studies, but there is still a knowledge gap in this respect. Even though biochemical studies have established an association of MCM proteins with replication forks, previous immunofluorescence studies in mammalian cells have suggested that MCM 2-7 proteins are displaced after replication initiation from sites of DNA replication. Therefore, we used a robust statistical method to more precisely analyse immunofluorescence localization of MCM 2 proteins with respect to the DNA replication foci. We show that despite the predominantly different localization of MCM 2 and replication signals, there is still a small but significant fraction of MCM 2 proteins that co-localize with DNA replication foci during most of S phase. The fluorescence localization of the MCM 2 proteins and DNA replication may thus reflect an active function of MCM 2 proteins associated with the replication foci and partially explain one facet of the "MCM paradox".
Keywords:DNA Replication Sites and MCM Proteins, Immunofluorescence, Cross-Correlation Analysis, S-Phase, MCM Proteins at Replication Sites
Source:Folia Biologica Prague
Publisher:Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Page Range:3-11
Official Publication:http://fb.cuni.cz/file/5579/FB2011A0002.pdf
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