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Synthetic glycosidated phospholipids induce apoptosis through activation of FADD, caspase-8 and the mitochondrial death pathway

Item Type:Article
Title:Synthetic glycosidated phospholipids induce apoptosis through activation of FADD, caspase-8 and the mitochondrial death pathway
Creators Name:von Haefen, C. and Wendt, J. and Semini, G. and Sifringer, M. and Belka, C. and Radetzki, S. and Reutter, W. and Daniel, P.T. and Danker, K.
Abstract:Apoptosis is modulated by extrinsic and intrinsic signaling pathways through the formation of the death receptor-mediated death-inducing signaling complex (DISC) and the mitochondrial-derived apoptosome, respectively. Ino-C2-PAF, a novel synthetic phospholipid shows impressive antiproliferative and apoptosis-inducing activity. Little is known about the signaling pathway through which it stimulates apoptosis. Here, we show that this drug induces apoptosis through proteins of the death receptor pathway, which leads to an activation of the intrinsic apoptotic pathway. Apoptosis induced by Ino-C2-PAF and its glucosidated derivate, Glc-PAF, was dependent on the DISC components FADD and caspase-8. This can be inhibited in FADD-/- and caspase-8-/- cells, in which the breakdown of the mitochondrial membrane potential, release of cytochrome c and activation of caspase-9, -8 and -3 do not occur. In addition, the overexpression of crmA, c-Flip or dominant negative FADD as well as treatment with the caspase-8 inhibitor z-IETD-fmk protected against Ino-C2-PAF-induced apoptosis. Apoptosis proceeds in the absence of CD95/Fas-ligand expression and is independent of blockade of a putative death-ligand/receptor interaction. Furthermore, apoptosis cannot be inhibited in CD95/Fas-/- Jurkat cells. Expression of Bcl-2 in either the mitochondria or the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) strongly inhibited Ino-C2-PAF- and Glc-PAF-induced apoptosis. In conclusion, Ino-C2-PAF and Glc-PAF trigger a CD95/Fas ligand- and receptor-independent atypical DISC that relies on the intrinsic apoptotic pathway via the ER and the mitochondria.
Keywords:Synthetic Phospholipid Analogs, DISC, Apoptosis, Mitochondrial Pathway
Page Range:636-651
Date:March 2011
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1007/s10495-011-0592-2
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