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Integrated microfluidic platform for the electrochemical detection of breast cancer markers in patient serum samples

Item Type:Article
Title:Integrated microfluidic platform for the electrochemical detection of breast cancer markers in patient serum samples
Creators Name:Fragoso, A. and Latta, D. and Laboria, N. and von Germar, F. and Hansen-Hagge, T.E. and Kemmner, W. and Gaertner, C. and Klemm, R. and Drese, K.S. and O'Sullivan, C.K.
Abstract:A microsystem integrating electrochemical detection for the simultaneous detection of protein markers of breast cancer is reported. The microfluidic platform was realized by high precision milling of polycarbonate sheets and features two well distinguishable sections: a detection zone incorporating the electrode arrays and the fluid storage part. The detection area is divided into separate microfluidic chambers addressing selected electrodes for the measurement of samples and calibrators. The fluidic storage part of the platform consists of five reservoirs to store the reagents and sample, which are interfaced by septa. These reservoirs have the appropriate volume to run a single assay per cartridge and are manually filled. The liquids from the reservoirs are actuated by applying a positive air pressure (i.e.via a programmable syringe pump) through the septa and are driven to the detection zone via two turning valves. The application of the realised platform in the individual and simultaneous electrochemical detection of proteic cancer markers with very low detection limits are demonstrated. The microsystem has also been validated using real patient serum samples and excellent correlation with ELISA results obtained.
Keywords:Biological Models, Biological Tumor Markers, Breast Neoplasms, Electrochemical Techniques, Equipment Design, Immobilized Antibodies, Microfluidic Analytical Techniques
Source:Lab on a Chip
Publisher:Royal Society of Chemistry
Page Range:625-631
Date:21 February 2011
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1039/c0lc00398k
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