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Bridging the Gap: Methods and Teaching of F-A-S-T - Framing-Art-Science-Technology

Item Type:Article
Title:Bridging the Gap: Methods and Teaching of F-A-S-T - Framing-Art-Science-Technology
Creators Name:Schmidt, D. and Koalick, G. and Gassel, S. and Sery, C. and Groh, R. and Wacker, M.
Abstract:Bridging The Gap discusses necessities and methods of a transdisciplinary approach at the intersection of art, science and technology, including human computer interaction (HCI) and its various subjects. Research work that combines artistic and scientific approaches benefits substantially from artistic perception and the sensibility to questions beyond their regular environment beyond the work’s associated environment. The transfer of knowledge, methods and communication strategies foster a transdisciplinary debate, discussing impacts of existing and emerging technology driven phenomenons. The paper provides a depiction of methods and communication of each discipline to carve out the coherence of transdisciplinarity in praxis. F-A-S-T is introduced as a cooperative project of scientific and artistic institutions where a student’s existing profession is amplified by complementary knowledge, methods and collaborative project oriented work. It explores new roles and formats within the interaction between art, science and technology. The aim of the paper is to encourage further research regarding transdisciplinarity and the establishment of corresponding educational programs.
Keywords:Design Philosophy and Duxu, Education
Source:Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Title of Book:Design, user experience, and usability. theories, methods, and tools for designing the user experience
Page Range:589-600
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-07668-3_57

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