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The H4K20 demethylase DPY-21 regulates the dynamics of condensin DC binding

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Item Type:Preprint
Title:The H4K20 demethylase DPY-21 regulates the dynamics of condensin DC binding
Creators Name:Breimann, L. and Morao, A.K. and Kim, J. and Jimenez, D. and Maryn, N. and Bikkasani, K. and Carrozza, M.J. and Albritton, S.E. and Kramer, M. and Street, L.A. and Cerimi, K. and Schumann, V.F. and Bahry, E. and Preibisch, S. and Woehler, A. and Ercan, S.
Abstract:Condensin is a multi-subunit SMC complex that binds to and compacts chromosomes. Unlike cohesin, in vivo regulators of condensin binding dynamics remain unclear. Here we addressed this question using C. elegans condensin DC, which specifically binds to and represses transcription of both X chromosomes in hermaphrodites for dosage compensation. Mutants of several chromatin modifiers that regulate H4K20me and H4K16ac cause varying degrees of X chromosome derepression. We used fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP) to analyze how these modifiers regulate condensin DC binding dynamics in vivo. We established FRAP using the SMC4 homolog DPY-27 and showed that a well-characterized ATPase mutation abolishes its binding. The greatest effect on condensin DC dynamics was in a null mutant of the H4K20me2 demethylase DPY-21, where the mobile fraction of the complex reduced from ∼30% to 10%. In contrast, a catalytic mutant of dpy-21 did not regulate condensin DC mobility. Separation of catalytic and non-catalytic activity is also supported by Hi-C data in the dpy-21 null mutant. Together, our results indicate that DPY-21 has a non-catalytic role in regulating the dynamics of condensin DC binding, which is important for transcription repression.
Keywords:Condensin, Transcription, Histone Modifications, FRAP, Hi-C, Animals, Caenorhabditis elegans
Publisher:Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
Article Number:2021.04.11.438056
Date:24 September 2021
Official Publication:https://doi.org/10.1101/2021.04.11.438056
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